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02 September 2015 @ 03:17 pm
Level one.

I've decided that at this point I'm just going to stay behind so I might as well update in real time and catch up in between.

Level one.

I've studied Korean for TWO YEARS and the best I can test into is level one. Me and all the people who don't even know the alphabet, didn't even take the test just signed on up for the beginner class.

All I wanted was to get into level two. Just something to validate that the last two years haven't been a complete waste but I guess I can't even ask for that much. Now the only "validation" I have is that I've just blown the last two years doing absolutely nothing.

I really thought I had it. I knew I didn't do well but I thought I'd at least done well enough to avoid starting at complete baseline.

A friend of mine from home said her instructor told her her grammar was good but her vocabulary was basic, and that she'd almost certainly be placed into level one but that next semester she could sit the test again and likely get into three or four. My instructor said nothing at all but maybe I'll try the same thing, give myself at least a vague chance of testing out of 300 level Korean back at home.

I'm just so mad at myself for failing like this. I should be better than this.